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RICHARD TICE has accused Keir Starmer of offering “warm, cuddly, waffle” rather than solutions.

05 Jan RICHARD TICE has accused Keir Starmer of offering “warm, cuddly, waffle” rather than solutions.

RICHARD TICE has accused Keir Starmer of offering “warm, cuddly, waffle” rather than solutions.

The leader of Reform UK also blasted the Labour leader’s performance today as “pathetic”.

His comments come after Mr Starmer made a keynote speech in London, and a day after the Prime Minister set out his vision for the Government’s aims in 2023.

Speaking to Bev Turner Today on GB News Mr Tice said: “What we’ve heard from Keir Starmer is lots of warm waffle, but where were the specifics? We’ve got a nation in absolute crisis, everywhere you look. Yet Keir Starmer is unable to offer any specifics.

“I’m the only person who put forward an absolutely clear, financial specific. We’ve got a cost of living crisis. We’ve got an inflation crisis. Wherever you look, there are crises. I said, with a clear mandate, clear specifics, you got to lift the starting point to which anybody pays income tax. We’ve got to help the 5.2 million people out of work and on benefits, and drive talent and opportunity. So these are the real specifics, and I set out how we pay for it, and that’s the difference. You are not going to get lots of warm, cuddly, waffle from me.”

Reacting to Mr Starmer’s claim it was too early to say if they would match Tory spending plans, Mr Tice added: “That’s pathetic. That’s just kicking the can down the road. We identify what the problem is. And we say right, here’s a solution. This is the approximate cost. And this is what the Government of the day should do. The reality is we know that there’s probably not going to be a general election for 18 to 24 months. The crisis is now, so we need to know how we will deal with it and we will fund it. There’s none of that from the two main leaders.”

Earlier today Sir Keir Starmer said Labour “won’t be able to spend our way out” of the “mess” left by the Tories – even though he recognised the need for investment.

In his first speech of 2023, the Labour leader promised a “decade of national renewal” if he wins the next general election.

But he also says the party won’t be “getting its big government chequebook out”.

The Tories accused Sir Keir of “yet another desperate relaunch attempt”.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak delivered his own new year address, promising to halve inflation, cut NHS waiting lists and tackle small boat crossings by the next election.

In his speech in Stratford, east London, Sir Keir also looked ahead to the election, pledging to create the “sort of hope you can build your future around”.

But he warned voters – and his own party – not to expect big increases in public spending.

“Of course, investment is required – I can see the damage the Tories have done to our public services as plainly as anyone,” he said.

“But we won’t be able to spend our way out of their mess – it’s not as simple as that.”

He added: “For national renewal, there is no substitute for a robust private sector, creating wealth in every community.”