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Rhiannon Faith’s gritty dance-theatre show gets Essex digital tour dates

19 May Rhiannon Faith’s gritty dance-theatre show gets Essex digital tour dates

In choreographer Rhiannon Faith’s new show DROWNTOWN, six strangers, weighed down by individual darkness, come to a deprived coastal land. Seemingly abandoned, there is no one to help but themselves. Stuck between the remains of a broken community and the vast bleakness of the sea, they struggle with isolation, shame and failed support systems.

DROWNTOWN’s live world premiere was set for June 2020 at London’s Barbican. In reaction to the pandemic Faith has teamed up with award-winning Big Egg Films to create a stunning multi camera film version of the show. As part of a digital UK tour the film can be seen via Harlow Playhouse’s website 28-27 June. This follows the world premiere and press night at 7pm on 1 June via London’s Barbican. After the premiere there is a Facebook Q&A with Rhiannon Faith, psychologist Joy Griffiths, selected performers and others.

Rhiannon Faith explained ‘DROWNTOWN was made with a hope to heal a broken world. With the profound loneliness and isolation many have experienced during the lockdowns I really didn’t want to delay the opportunity for people to see it. As communities start to put their lives back together, this show is asking that everyone is included in the process, and there is authentic belonging for all.’

In the 2021 National Dance Awards Rhiannon Faith Company has been nominated for Best Independent Company, and Rhiannon for Best Digital Choreography for her work on the DROWNTOWN ‘prequel’ DROWNTOWN LOCKDOWN.