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REVIEW: Neruda dir. by Pablo Larraín

06 Apr REVIEW: Neruda dir. by Pablo Larraín

Chilean director Pablo Larrain’s film revolutionary Pablo Neruda is so intriguing as it isn’t your usual biopic where you are bombarded with the subjects achievements and goal achieving ways.

The film is set in Santiago in 1948, at the outset of the Cold War… A cleverly narrated documentention of Neruda who was punished for his courageous outspokenness, Neruda was deprived of his parliamentary immunity and ultimately forced into hiding. Being pulled from pillar to post you ultimately feel the emotion he was going through at this point in his career.

In the film, Larraín tells the story from the perspective of  a police inspector portrayed by Gael García Bernal, who is leading the manhunt. After it is decided that Neruda must flee Chile.

The Verdict:

4 out of 5
A very complex cat and mouse thriller with enough dramatically charged moments to keep you intrigued.

It’s in cinema’s around the UK from tomorrow but meanwhile you can enjoy the trailer here: