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Renowned author Mike Molloy is coming to Essex

07 Mar Renowned author Mike Molloy is coming to Essex

Renowned kids author Mike Molloy is coming to Essex next Friday to come and talk to children at a local school.

Molloy’s new children’s book is dubbed ” The Nana Troll”.

This story is about a little boy who spends a lot of time with his grandmother, as time goes on he becomes convinced his “nana” is a troll .

Together they share some fantastic adventures the little boy observes with complete fascination as his “nana troll” gets up to some of the most hilarious and crazy things.

Nana is a dotting but very unorthodox grandmother displaying some very strange and comical behaviour.

As the story unfolds we get to meet more characters in the nana troll’s circle of friends, the little boy becomes even more convinced that not only is nana a troll but most of the people she knows are also trolls, these trolls are living among everyday people as part of everyday life.

Molly tells us “The story of the nana troll is based on my everyday experiences as a little boy and how I saw the world when I was small”

You can also get more information on the book at