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Paul Schrader’s The Card Counter Is Set To Release Later This Year

23 Jun Paul Schrader’s The Card Counter Is Set To Release Later This Year

The crime drama ‘The Card Counter’ has officially been announced for release via press release, on September 10. The director who wrote the script and directed the movie, orientated the story around a revenge thriller, where a gambler attempts to provide guidance of a young man, with greater aim for revenge against an enemy that they both share. The cast is made up of the actors Oscar Isaac, Tiffany Haddish, Willem Dafoe and Tye Sheridan.

Of course the entire movie revolves around the concept of card counting in gambling, so if you are curious about the theory behind it, definitely check out the Texas Hold’em card counting article, which should elaborate on the concept more greatly for you.

The story brings to light the main character Tell, whose journey on the casino front was taken apart when Cirk comes seeking aid to execute his plan and take revenge on the colonel. Tell finds a path of redemption with his new-found journey alongside Cirk, however he does happen to be dragged back into his dark past which he once wanted to forget and allow to rest. Unfortunately bringing all back into the present was the only way an intervention can be made.

While it is clear that Tell only has one interest, which is to play cars, his vulnerability is seized and reformed into a relationship with Cirk. We see multiple characters trickle into the movie, such as financier La Linda, who also happens to follow onto the journey with Cirk and thus be pinnacle towards the movie script too. Moving from casino to casino, the trio eventually come to set their eyes on the World Series of Poker within the hotspot location of Las Vegas. Keeping Cirk on the straight path, becomes near enough impossible, and Tell must unwillingly take trips down memory lane, and still manage to find a way to salvage his love for gambling along the road of the journey.

The Card Counter is a follow up from the Oscar nominated movie ‘First Reformed’, a drama which starred Ethan Hawke as the main character, and one who struggled with his faith as a minister. The producer who contributed to the release of the Card Counter, named as Martin Scorsese, has been associated with other successful releases such as ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘Raging Bull’, ‘Bringing out the Dead’ and ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’. Other executive producers that are associated with this movie release include William Olsson, Kathryn Moseley, Lee Broda, Elsa Ramo, Tiffany Boyle, Stanley Preschutti and Ruben Islas. Lead producers include Braxton Pope, alongside Lauren Mann and David Wulf.

The filming of this movie had begun in early 2020, however due to the ongoing crisis and delays that the pandemic brought, it was delayed and disrupted a multiple of times during the filming process. It was only last summer where filming was allowed to resume with normality, provided that testing regulations and restrictions were kept across filming environments.

While the movie still has a few months to hit our movie screens, it is very obvious that it will soon be the title that will make up for all the action we have been missing during the pandemic, and closure of movie theatres. With such great actors that have happened to join the cast and storyline, this will no doubt put itself on the path of some Oscar nominations and other respectable movie awards. If you happen to like famous movie titles such as James Bond Casino Royale, you will definitely find yourself pulled in the direction of this crime thriller. While, you will not be seeing an appearance from Daniel Craig himself, nor any Bond girls, this is a pure gambling flick filled with promise.

All eyes lie on this fall movie release, and it has been dubbed as the return of ‘golden age gambling movies for our time’, meaning it should definitely make its way to your movie lists to watch this coming fall.