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Nursery school opens with vital funding boost from Basildon Council

16 Sep Nursery school opens with vital funding boost from Basildon Council

A primary school in Basildon opened the doors to a brand-new nursery last week after a funding boost from Basildon Council enabled the purchase of new play and education equipment for young children in the community.

St. Teresa’s Catholic Primary School in Elsenham Crescent, Basildon, began construction of the new nursery in February 2019 and welcomed the first intake of children on Wednesday 4 September.

Cllr Gavin Callaghan, Leader of Basildon Council, visited St. Teresa’s on Friday 13 September to see the new nursery and formally present the school with £20,000 in funding towards the project.

“Pre-school years are crucial and a lack of pre-school places in the south of the borough has long been highlighted as a major reason for why too many children are held back,” said Cllr Callaghan.

“Two years ago when I was Leader of the Council I was asked if I would help kickstart the building of a new nursery for three year olds at St Teresa’s in Vange. I was right behind the project and am excited to see the nursery open its doors for the first time this week. Over the next decade it will help hundreds of children get a head start in life that they otherwise would never have had.”

Mrs Nuala Cashell, Headteacher of St Terea’s Catholic Primary School explained how the funding from Basildon Council will benefit children at the school. “It is thanks to the donation from Basildon Council that we have been able to purchase the resources, toys and equipment needed to provide our pupils with a great learning environment that teaches them the skills they require to succeed in the rest of their educational career.

Without Basildon Council’s support we would not have been able to open our doors.”

The funding issued to St. Teresa’s Catholic Primary School by Basildon Council was combined with funding from other sources. The new nursery will provide 26 full-time equivalent places for youngsters aged three to five.

Limited places are still available at the new nursery. More information is available on St. Teresa’s Catholic Primary School website.