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NSPCC says banning Local teacher Sarah Barton was ‘right’

09 Aug NSPCC says banning Local teacher Sarah Barton was ‘right’

by Dan Bryans

Local teacher Sarah Barton, 36, admitted to having a relationship with a pupil at an Essex school she worked at until 2016.

Whilst a panel earlier this month found that she has “consistent and persistently failed to mantain appropriate boundaries”, NSPCC has now welcomed her ban from the class room saying it was ‘right’.

Barton was banned from working as a teacher by the National College for Teaching and Leadership after reports that she had sex with a pupil in her car.

An NSPCC spokesman said: “As a teacher, Barton was trusted by pupils, parents, her school and the local community to put pupils’ welfare first. Instead she abused their trust for her own sexual gratification.

“Teachers play a vital role in safeguarding and it is therefore right that she is banned from a profession which would have seen her working in close proximity and having contact with children on a daily basis.”