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NewVIc College students benefit from  Karim Bel Kacem visit

18 Apr NewVIc College students benefit from  Karim Bel Kacem visit

Students at Newham’s NewVIc College benefited from a visit and workshop from theatre heavyweight Karim Bel Kacem who visited the college recently spending time with students.

Students welcomed Think Tank Theatre’s Karim from France who held an awe inspiring workshop for a group of film/art/media students this week.

Karim Bel Kacem can boast a fine pedigree in the film business, having trained with two world renowned directors; one being Laurence Olivier Award winning theatre and film director Peter Brook, the other is Ariane Mnouchkine, the French stage director who founded the Parisian avant-garde stage ensemble Théâtre du Soleil in 1964.

As well as Karim being a resident artist at the Théâtre Saint-Gervais in Geneva, he also has created the Think Tank Theatre and is the artistic director. His interest to explore the relationship between theatre and cinema, sound and image is very apparent throughout his work.

Hearing about NewVIc’s performing arts work, Karim travelled to London especially to run this workshop designed for the Level 2 and 3 performing arts students who have a focus on drama.

Students ranged from the ages of 16 to 18 years old. The afternoon gave students an opportunity to learn about Karim’s innovative stage design and the importance of energy. Students took part in two theatrical group exercises to give them a sense of body awareness to explore and improve self-expression.

Zuri Thompson Performing Arts Teacher said “We were really impressed with the exercises he organised, his methodology and his unique approach to theatre. The students certainly benefited from Karim’s visit.”