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@nathanhector__ says “The journey is going amazing, more than what I expected”

03 Aug @nathanhector__ says “The journey is going amazing, more than what I expected”

Nathan Hector is a young actor & host from East London. Having gained critical acclaim for his latest role in The Intent, Hector talks to us about his upcoming projects and his passion towards charitable work and giving back.

Q.How is the journey in the acting world going so far ?

NH: The journey is going amazing, more than what I expected. Going from being a tea boy to extra to online actor to the big screens has been a journey and a half but it’s been great so far.

Q.You’ve done some work for Heart4More Foundation, tell us more about your passion behind charitable work

NH: My passion for charitable work is next to nothing I mean I really get myself stuck in and get myself into these schools to chat to the youth and give them some guidance. Heart4More are great to work with also.

Q.Your performance in City of Hearts received a lot of critical acclaim, how did you prepare for that role ?

NH: I really tried to picture myself in that situation and just acted upon it. Also the time that we shot as well and the weather conditions we were shooting it made it easier, it was grey, it was cold, me and the young actor who performs alongside me were frantically running through the forests, it was a crazy shoot.

Q.What type of acting roles do you feel suit you best ?

NH: I think I can do anything given the challenge. Nothing is impossible and there is no limit to where I could take it.

Q.Coming on to The Intent, what where your thoughts when you first read the script and how was it watching it on the big screen ?

NH: I thought the story was very gripping. Each character held their own. The cast wasn’t too big either which I really liked. Watching it on the big screen was so exciting, I really enjoyed it, amazing film. Nicky & Femi honestly done a great job.

Q.What can expect to see from you in the future ?

NH: I’ve got a online legal drama that I’m currently filming for called ‘Brothers In Suits’. The Intent 2 we start that at the end of this year. I have another feature film dropping next year called ‘The Weekend Movie’ & I’m also working on a few other things too. It’s exciting times.