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Nancy the no-eared cat needs an Essex home to call her own

25 Apr Nancy the no-eared cat needs an Essex home to call her own

A tabby-and-white cat, who had to have the tops of her ears removed, is in desperate need of a new home.

Currently in the care of Cats Protection’s Tendring & District Branch, Nancy previously spent most of her life living outdoors. Being mainly white, this took a toll on Nancy’s ears, resulting in serious sun damage and pre-cancerous cells.

“Cats with white or pale coloured ears, or noses, are particularly susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays – with some cats, like Nancy, needing drastic surgery to repair sun-damaged skin,” said Julie Clouting, Nancy’s fosterer.

Now fully recovered, five-year-old Nancy needs a new home to call her own where she can enjoy some shaded areas.

Julie added: “Poor Nancy was in quite a state when she first arrived in our care, with both ears having sustained serious sun damage. To prevent any risk of cancer, she had to have the tops removed.

“Nancy can be a bit shy at first but despite all she’s been through, she is such a sweet and caring cat who needs a second-chance at finding her forever home. Now fully recovered from her surgery, we are desperate to find her a home, with patient owners, where she can be the only pet needing love and attention.”

After a short settling-in period, Nancy would need some outdoor space to explore with lots of shady areas; whether it’s a large shrub or artificial shade such as a small pop-up tent.

Anyone who thinks they could be the perfect companion for Nancy should contact Cats Protection’s Tendring & District Branch on 01255 744 014 or by emailing

As well as Nancy, the branch is currently caring for many other cats in care, all needing loving homes. To see other cats needing homes, people can visit: