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Munnings Museum to display previously unseen Exmoor works at Castle House

12 Mar Munnings Museum to display previously unseen Exmoor works at Castle House

Sir Alfred Munnings is one of the most renowned Presidents’ of the Royal Academy. In its 250th anniversary year, there is a unique opportunity to explore his work as landscape painter, rather than as an equestrian or sporting artist for which he was more widely known.

More than half of the 50 paintings on display in Munnings and the River at the Munnings Museum, Castle House in Dedham (opens ‪30 March 2018‬) are rarely on public display, including a number from his time at Exmoor during World War Two.

The exhibition – which features drawings, photographs and personal items alongside oil and watercolour paintings – meanders chronologically through the artist’s depiction of various riverscapes; from Path to the Orchard – painted in 1908 and capturing Mendham Mill – to published illustrations for The Tale of Anthony Bell, 1957, exploring and celebrating Munnings’ artistic and literary responses to the subject with which he held such an affinity.

Munnings and the River will feature seventeen works from this time in Somerset. Fourteen, remarkably never shown all together before, will be grouped into two series – one including five paintings and the other, nine.

To accompany the show, Curator Marcia Whiting has written a fully-illustrated catalogue showcasing the collection – the first in The Munnings Art Museum’s history.

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