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Mrs Essex Galaxy, raising funds for ‘The Christie’

17 Jan Mrs Essex Galaxy, raising funds for ‘The Christie’

Mrs Sweta Jain, who is in the running for Mrs Galaxy UK, is organising local events to raise both awareness and funds for ‘The Christie’, a charity doing pioneering work in cancer care, research and education.

Sweta, a mother of two children aged 17 and 12, lives in Braintree, Essex. She is an established fine artist, who has successfully exhibited her art in many prestigious exhibitions throughout Suffolk, Essex and London. She also teaches art in Chelmsford and Braintree, offering both children and adults an opportunity to discover their artistic talent, explore their creativity and develop their passion for art.

After becoming one of the finalists of the Mrs Galaxy UK, Sweta said, “there was a realisation for a while that my kids were growing up and becoming more and more independent, so I was looking for a new experience, something that was both challenging and enjoyable. Then I came to know about UK Galaxy Pageants, which is one of the few pageants in the UK that put no height or size restrictions on participants. Initially I was talking it as an excuse to dress up in something gorgeous or to cut loose and just have fun. Now that I am representing Essex in the final of Mrs Galaxy UK 2018, I am taking it more seriously, whether it is about working on my diet and exercise to get fitter, or experimenting on innovative ideas to refresh my wardrobe or just promoting various charitable and social causes. I am also cherishing every moment in the process be it shopping, or dressing up, or just promoting the pageant and/or charities at social events.”

Sweta has been leveraging her artistic talent to raise funds for various charities by auctioning her paintings in social events around the country. “However, this time around I have found more innovative ways to raise funds for ‘The Christie”, said Sweta.

Sweta is planning to organise many more fundraising events such as coffee and beauty treatment mornings, art workshops etc. Please support her fundraiser at: