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Monarchy is safe with Kate and Wills, says royal expert

21 Jun Monarchy is safe with Kate and Wills, says royal expert

THE popularity of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge means that the monarchy is safe in their hands, according to an expert on the Royal Family.

Richard Fitzwilliams discussed the royal pair on GB News after they shared a heart-warming photograph to mark Father’s Day.

Mr Fitzwilliams said their popularity and the strength of their relationship means that the monarchy will be safe when William becomes King.

He told Weekend Breakfast: “If you look at recent polls, William and Catherine, of course the Queen leads, for obvious reasons, but there’s no question that in my view, the future of the monarchy is safe with William Catherine and their family.

“The way they handle things, the perfect relationship between them, the way they’re mutually supportive on trips abroad, for example, they combine the formal and the informal.

“I thought the Caribbean [trip] was just a glitch and very badly reported in several ways.”

He said in an interview during Breakfast with Stephen and Anne on GB News, he said the family’s plan to move to Windsor also demonstrates their commitment to supporting the monarch.

“If you look at the plans to relocate to Windsor, I mean this of course is to be close to the queen and also they’ll have, I think, an extra amount of security.

“They’ll keep Kensington Palace as the London office and, of course, their beloved Anmer Hall of in the country but there’s no question whatsoever the relationship, also the chemistry with between Charles and William supporting the Queen during a period [is important], of course, where her mobility problems make it difficult to know whether or not she’ll be attending events.”

Commenting on Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall making the cover of Vogue magazine this week, Mr Fitzwilliams he said the Platinum Jubilee celebrations

He said: “I think she looks marvellous and one of the absolute triumphs I thought with the Platinum Jubilee celebrations was the way all the members of the Royal Family were so supportive and the way also Harry and Megan were kept under very, very careful control – I use the word advisedly.

“The fact is, it’s great to see Camilla and also to know that she’ll be Queen Consort, and I thought it’s so significant that the Queen said that this was her wish, because otherwise this would really have been a serious issue inevitably when Charles ascended the throne if it hadn’t been announced beforehand.”