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Meet The World’s Greatest Counter-Terrorism Expert of all time Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir, also recognized as “The Deadliest Man Alive in The World.”Question 1: What is Grandmaster Shifuji’s Mitti System?

20 Jul Meet The World’s Greatest Counter-Terrorism Expert of all time Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir, also recognized as “The Deadliest Man Alive in The World.”Question 1: What is Grandmaster Shifuji’s Mitti System?

Meet The World’s Greatest Counter-Terrorism Expert of all time Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir, also recognized as “The Deadliest Man Alive in The World.”Question 1: What is Grandmaster Shifuji’s Mitti System?

Legendary Grand Master Shifuji Sir’s MITTI system training program has exclusively been designed and dedicated to the Indian armed forces. It’s an entirely free of the cost training program, as the Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir considers this his fundamental responsibility. As he quotes, It is also a gesture of respect towards the officers Saheban, JCO Saheban, Jawans and families of our Indian armed forces.

Unbelievable Experience of Confidentiality. 

The most impressive aspect of legendary Grandmaster Shifuji’s Mitti System is the “Confidentiality principle” of the Mitti System. Our Journalists team has requested more than a hundred times for a single video clip from the video of two hours of Elite Special Forces mentoring shown to us in private. So we had to keep out electronic devices and cell phones outside the conference room before witnessing the Mitti System Commando Training video. Multiple high-end devices screened us before entering the conference screen room of his office. A senior member of our team even asked to pay a considerable amount for a small clip of the Mitti System commandos training video. However, He got aggressively warned to maintain conduct if he wishes to witness the Mitti system mentoring videos. This gesture of confidentiality gave us ultimate assurance about the greatness, integrity and real Patriotism of Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir. This gentleman Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir’s act has enabled our skilled team to appreciate the character of this Living Legend. He proudly addresses his nation as “Bharat Maa”, which is very unusual to find in this modern fashion world of the 21st century.

Q- What was the need for a new counter-terrorism system in India? Was Mitti System’s invention needed?

According to Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir, it was a disgrace for him as a proud Indian to learn that our country (which he proudly addresses as “BHARAT MAA” ) has a great history of wars and legendary warriors of millions of years. However, We do not have our modern warfare system. He mentions that Bharat (India) has taught the world almost all ancient knowledge and war policies but is considered weak by the western world in modern warfare. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir always regretted that such a great country, “Bharat” India, does not have its counter-terrorism system for fully armed full contact military close quarter battle system. He was also angry about why we train our forces from foreigners and their intermediaries in their so-called foreign military close quarter battle military martial arts and close combat tactics?

What inspired Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir to invent Mitti System?

We learnt that When Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir is outraged, he meditates on Lord Shiva “Mahakal” and Goddess Mahaakaali, and he did the same on that day. He remembered the dialogue of Lord Parashurama and warrior Karn in that meditation. Great Lord “Parashurama” told “Karn” (The Greatest Warrior of Mahabharata) that “True warriors do not sit and cry over problems but work on diagnosis So that the problem can be eliminated from the root”. It was just that day. He studied, understood the problem, and started working on its solution.

Analysis of Problem by Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir: The real problem was disrespecting the basic principle in counter-terrorism “Surprise” Element in an actual fully-loaded operation. Whatever foreign fancy martial arts, fancy combat art forms called military martial arts, or any choreographed close-combat military martial arts, presently taught to Indian Special Forces and Indian Armed forces, are already available on the Internet for enemies well.

Is it so difficult to understand?

When the enemy knows about our present Training and mastery, the primary concern makes us vulnerable because the enemy knows both our strengths and weaknesses and disables specialized units to use the fundamental method of Surprise element in actual operations. According to Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir, It is the most dangerous thing in the counter-terrorism, urban armed warfare scenario to be pre anticipated by the enemy. As per his subtle knowledge, “the less the enemy knows about the training and operation methods, the more substantial the surprise method will be”. Think, what happens if the Training we provide to our special forces is already available on the Internet?

Our detailed digital research-

The reason is that few private trainers (claims to be commando trainers and close combat experts) regularly use social media platforms to publish the recent photos and videos of special forces and Indian armed forces commandos training. These so-called commando trainers and close combat experts publish such recent confidential material without thinking about the enemy’s watch on such content and risk the life of trainee combatants, commandos. I still wonder how they get permission to publish the training methods and identity of commandos to face and locations of premium establishments of Special Forces. This foolishness, selfishness, personal branding obsession of these private trainers is a clear violation of the fundamental principle of such esteemed Training. These private commando trainers have done it for their benefit. Training videos have been put on the Internet for their branding, training videos on these civilian trainers’ social media profiles, which becomes a matter of concern and national security.

Why does not Grandmaster Shifuji provide his Mitti system Commandos Training, Commandos Mentoring details to all? 

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj always mentions his ethics and principles of the Mitti System. At the time of Mitti System’s Invention, He promised himself that no matter what happens, whether he gets insulted, slander, or defamed, he will never reveal any training and mentoring-related details on the Internet. Because he knows nothing is more important than his country (Bharat Mata). He said: Nothing is essential for me, not even me, my name, family, or honour; I am ready to sacrifice everything for my country, my motherland “BHARAT MAA”.

Countless services of legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir, 

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj Sir is a The Guru of world’s best Commando Trainers, A revolutionary Motivational Speaker, High-performance life coach, Action Designer, Action Choreographer, freelance commandos mentor and Actor. He is the Founder and Chief Managing Director at SASS9 and The Founder Trustee of Mission Prahar. Mission Prahar was founded by Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji in 1999 with the vision to educate and train in self-esteem, self-discipline, self-awareness, and self-defence.

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir is serving his country in many ways. He is the founder of different missions in India. Mission Prachand Bharat Shaurya is also one of his great missions to serve his country. Prachand Bharat is a dream realized by Grandmaster Shifuji. It is a dream of Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir where he wants to see everyone in a healthy physical and mental frame and address the youth of India towards the mission of self-discipline, self-defence tactics and other mitti martial art tactics. Few states of India acknowledged the concept of Mission Prachand Bharat and Mission Meri Mitti to its very core, and they have made this promise to help expand this mission for the state.

Some articles quote that Physical education and combative arts are a subject of great neglect in India.

When Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir sees it in the USA, Israel, UK, he finds that every young person who practically gets an opportunity to serve in the military and combative arts become a part of his life. Mission Prachand Bharat Shaurya and Mission Meri Mitti is a dream on the same lines where Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir propagates a new Indian vision. In this new India, he wishes to see every young man equipped with basic combative techniques and reality-based martial art training, which are helpful in self-discipline, self-control and real street fight scenario.

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir’s Mission Prahar is his second mission at real women empowerment and employment. In some societies, women are still discriminated against and judged based on their gender. They are still paid less, expected to cook, clean, and stay at home. They are still strict by their culture and family. As women, they can’t go out at night or with the guys because it’s not safe for them to go outside. So Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir train them to live in society as per their concerns. Their parents or husband decides the life of some women. They still not allow women to work or study far away from their homes because they believe that women are weaker than men and cannot survive alone in society.

But Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir proves everyone wrong. He encourages women to live their lives freely in society and train them to face any problematic situation bravely with pride and dignity.

According to Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir, real women empowerment is needed in societies where women have talent and want to show their talent and perform their role in the country’s development. It’s essential for the self-esteem of women and also for societies. Empowering women is to give women their rights and freedom. Women can have equal rights to participate in society, economy, education, and politics. They can involve in society as they are glad to choose their religion, language, work, and other activities. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir quotes If Women are allowed higher education like men. They can go with the high-level of education, finish their studies, learn the skill and study whatever they want. They can also join the political parties as they have the right to vote and do some activities in the country’s politics.

Immensely respected, Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir never shares his mitti system commandos mentoring services for personal gains. On the contrary, he always tries to help others without any personal benefit. He provides commandos mentoring services to make their country a strong one so that no one can defeat them in any situation. He is generally referred to as the Greatest counter-terrorism expert of all time and The Deadliest man alive in the world by 2021.

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir’s famous controversy Proven to be fake propaganda against him by few suspicious individuals and few media houses. Everyone knows that not everyone around us wants to see our success. The same thing happened to the Great Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir. Some media houses and suspicious individuals try to down his morals, but he fought for his missions and proves them wrong. So it was fake propaganda against him with tittles like Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Fake, Fraud, Grandmaster Shifuji Exposed. Grandmaster Shifuji is not a Commandos mentor. Grandmaster Shifuji is not a commando trainer, But he proves it all wrong at every level and challenged all the offenders openly in the court of law by filling many defamation cases against the so-called influential giant media  houses.

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir’s MITTI System is an absolute cost-free mentoring service for the Indian Armed forces, Indian Special Forces. A military career has many competitive components. When a service member has a mentor as Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir invested in their career, the support can be even more effective than in the civilian workforce. A life coach and a mentor can help identify professional opportunities, set goals, and create a clear path for achieving them. Mentorships during service can also be invaluable and helpful for underrepresented special forces, military members, like women or particular minorities. Grandmaster Shifuji is acknowledged as the best life coach in India and best life coach in the world because of his unique and selfless services to the people in uniform, and that too completely free of cost.

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir completed graduation certification course and PhD certification course from Israel in the most lethal counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency urban warfare armed combat. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir is the only Indian and foreign citizen to complete this achievement from Israelis Counter-Terrorism and security establishment.

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir’s Mitti System commandos mentoring program is customized for fully armed realistic lethal close-quarter battles completely capable of handling against all kinds of terrorism. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir is The World’s Best Armed Martial Artist. He always looks for different ways to serve his motherland. Shifuji Sir is the greatest Indian Life Coach ever. World’s Best Life Coach, World’s highest respected Great Life Mentor, World’s Costliest and highest rated High-Performance building life coach. His missions and training services are the best examples of his love for the country. He offers many customized training programs for verified civilians like Mitti high intensity no interval training, Mitti HINIT, and Mitti Desi Boot Camps for a few selected, verified youth with police clearance of character after the complete background check and a minimum of eight reference contact person.

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir is acknowledged with these many tittles-

The Greatest Counter-terrorism expert of all time

The Deadliest Man Alive in the world

World’s Best Commandos Mentor

World’s Best Commando Trainer Guru

World’s Best Life Coach

World’s Best Military Martial Arts Expert

World’s Youngest Inventor of the Deadliest

most effective counter-terrorism system Mitti System

World’s Deadliest good man alive by 2021

The Greatest Life coach of all time in the world

The Costliest life coach in the world

The Deadliest counter-terrorism Living Legend in the world considers himself an ordinary Indian (Ek Samanya Bharatiya) and believes in equal respect and equality. Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir is an expert of a one-second completes body locking system, lethal in Kallaripayattu Guruswamy (great master). He has worked with several Bollywood and Israeli celebrities.

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir takes inspiration from Indian revolutionaries like Great Bhagat Singh and Chandra Shekhar Azad, Maharana Pratap, Prithviraj Chauhan, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Ram Prasad Bismil, Ashfaq Ullah Khan, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. 


Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji sir does not train anyone personally. However, the exception is that He is well known as the Life coach of Mr Tiger Shroff, Mr Ahan Shetty and Mr Subhan Khan Nadiadwala, Ms Athiya Shetty, Ms Nysa Devgan, Mr Sufyan Nadiadwala.

Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Sir’s most recent Mission is Mission Jai Hind Bro JHB by Master Shifuji, a new clothing brand that master Shifuji plans to launch on the independence day of India, 15th August 2021. The intention is to provide clothes with a sense of pride with Revolutionaries stories on clothes. Jai Hind Bro JHB  is a mission and brand used in complete Indian technology, Indian clothes from villages, Indian wood items, and other products from India. Through this mission, he will promote small industries in India and promote the “Vocal for Local” campaign of Indian Prime Minister Honourable Narendra Modi Sir. Everything Indian in this has a great sense of Modern fashion and Patriotism. His aim behind this brand is a new revolution in the clothing industry to create jobs, pride, and Patriotism together.