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Meet Row Productions, The label putting Romford on the map

14 Dec Meet Row Productions, The label putting Romford on the map

by Dan Bryans || E-Editions

They might have just launched in October but Row Productions have become the local label to watch and they are certainly putting Romford on the map.

James Brooker, the CEO of the ambitious venture told us “Since opening the label we have made big steps from signing Shackz B and Dan Blacks to very promising up and coming artists from Romford.

The label have secured the services of Kiss 100’s DJ Jason P who is the record label’s official DJ.

The label were given the biggest student night in Romford at Kosho Bar, every Thursday they are set to put on nights to remember for partygoers with leading DJ’s and big artists including Abra Cadabra, DJ Ironik and Don-E who is co signed to Beyoncé all expected to make an appearance at the Romford night spot.

Brooker added “The hype is real everyone is checking out Row Productions and wondering who they are. We are here to stay as a record label we are pushing everyday to get new things Romford is our town and Essex is our place.”

Row Productions are also playing at Spring Break in Amsterdam one of the biggest festivals around! Their takeover set at the festival will include DJ Ironik and various talent from their roster.