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Man sought for cat after more than a year in care

16 Mar Man sought for cat after more than a year in care

An unusual appeal has been launched to find a kind-hearted man to home a cat that has spent more than a year in care.

Nine-year-old Bobby came into care with by Cats Protection in February 2021 after his owner died. Despite appeals in Surrey, Sussex and London, this loving black cat has been overlooked for a full year.

Now the charity is calling for cat-loving men to come forward as potential new owners, as Bobby has shown signs of preferring the company of men.

Linda Harmer, Bobby’s Cats Protection foster carer, said: “When my husband comes in, Bobby immediately comes out to play and rolls around to be stroked and have his head rubbed. With me, he sits and watches as I fill his bowls and provide cleaning services. I know my place.”

Although he’s with a fosterer experienced in helping cats who struggle to cope with the rehoming environment, Cats Protection is keen to find a permanent loving home where Bobby can relax and get the care he sorely needs.

Emma Goss, Volunteer Team Leader at Cats Protection’s Mitcham Homing Centre, said: “In the comfort of one of our specialist indoor fosterers, the transformation has been remarkable. Bobby has come on leaps and bounds. He is far more relaxed than when he arrived and has shown how affectionate he can be.

“This is not a permanent solution and Bobby needs somewhere to settle down, a home where he can be the happy, affectionate cat we’ve come to love so much.”

Cats Protection has pooled resources from its centres in Mitcham and North London to make an urgent appeal for someone to give Bobby a permanent loving home.

Linda said: “We have become very fond of Bobby. From being a real scaredy-cat when he arrived, peering out from a large cardboard box, he has become an extremely friendly cat and a good companion. A real gentle giant. Now it’s time for him to move on, to join a family where he can be himself.”

Bobby has bowel disease, which is likely to have contributed to him being passed over, carers believe. The disease is found mostly in older cats and can be managed by an appropriate diet and regular veterinary visits to manage any flare-ups. Bobby’s new owners would receive a full medical history from his time in care, along with advice on taking care of him.

Bobby is looking for a quiet adult-only home where he can be allowed time to settle in. As he would seem to be more at ease with men, a home with at least one male would be ideal to help him settle and become a lifelong friend and grateful companion.

Can you give a home to Bobby?