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A Look Inside The Essex Cook Book

10 Nov A Look Inside The Essex Cook Book

The Essex Cook Book, set for release on 6th November 2017, brings together an eclectic mix of independent restaurants, cafés, local suppliers and regional produce.The Essex Cook Book features over 25 recipes, aiming to promote vibrant cuisines and put focus on the foodies behind each business.

From bountiful vineyards to local millers; there is something new and different on each page; providing a behind–the– scenes look on the Essex food industry.

With independent cafes, restaurants, delis and patisseries hiding in every nook, good food is just a stone’s throw away in Essex. This book gives you an insight into the creation of delicious recipes and allows you to recreate them from the comfort of your own home.

Owner of two Michelin star restaurant Midsummer House and one of the winners of the 2012 and 2013 series of the Great British Menu, Daniel Clifford features as a familiar face and supplies an exclusive recipe from The Flitch of Bacon to inspire readers to dust off their apron.

The Essex Cook Book retails at £14.95 and will be available at the businesses mentioned in the book which are listed here –