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London Southend Airport bids LIVE Halloween farewell to final easyJet flight

02 Nov London Southend Airport bids LIVE Halloween farewell to final easyJet flight

London Southend Airport bid farewell to its final commercial passenger flight of 2022 with a special livestream.

The broadcast, which took place on the official airport Facebook page, looked on as an easyJet aircraft arrived from Palma de Mallorca at 6.12pm, before departing soon after.

Once passengers had deboarded and their baggage removed, the few remaining outbound holiday-goers were able to step onboard.

Airport ground staff removed the rear steps and soon the aircraft was cleared for pushback – the process of moving an aircraft from a passenger terminal to a runway or taxiway.

Chris Newell, creator of SDTV Speedbird, who hosted the stream, said: “I can’t believe it’s happening. It’s an absolute treat and an absolute pleasure to have streamed the last flight coming out of London Southend. Obviously, I feel sad that I’m not seeing the whole airport ramp filled up, but we never know what’s around the corner.

“As a local lad, I’m very pleased to be a part of potential history and hope that the airport gets all the recognition it deserves.”

The livestream, which took place from balcony of the London Southend Airport Air Traffic Control Tower, has already been watched by more than 18,000 people across Facebook and SDTV Live’s YouTube channel.

Chris added: “A lot of people will not see this side of an airport – so opening it up from the ATC control tower with a beautiful view… on Halloween? It was the perfect fit.”

London Southend Jet Centre and general aviation flying will continue through winter. Passenger flights will resume from Sunday, March 26, 2023 with flights to Palma de Mallorca, Faro and Malaga.

If you missed the livestream, catch up on the London Southend Airport Facebook page.