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Locals Outraged At UKIP Harlow’s vile comments

23 May Locals Outraged At UKIP Harlow’s vile comments

In the wake of suspected terrorist attack in Manchester last night, UKIP leader Paul Nuttall announced that the party would be suspending their campaign.

UKIP Harlow tweeted from their official account with an article about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn along with the caption “Corbyn might not have planted a bomb but he made it easier for those who did”

The tweet quickly grew outrage from locals.

Will Tennison replied on Twitter saying “That is disgusting! Well all other parties suspend campaigning this is what you do! Not today”

Another user added “Despicable. Have some decency. People, children have died. Enough rhetoric for today. No Politik. Struggling to stay polite.”

The Leader of Harlow Conservative’s Andrew Johnson weighed in saying “You grow up and respect the death of children with no politicking for a day. A day of respect….”

This afternoon a Harlow resident who wished not to be named told us “It’s commendable that Harlow’s mainstream political parties have responded in a respectful and mature way. What a shame the local UKIP group couldn’t behave in the same manner. I honestly don’t think they reflect the views of the people of Harlow”.

News broke last night that 19 people have been killed and several others injured in a suspected terror attack at Manchester Arena which occurred after 22.00 GMT where young people had gathered to watch US singer Ariana Grande in action.
The death toll has since rose to 22 whilst the police have confirmed that an arrest has been made in connection with the atrocity.

UKIP Harlow have been approached for comment by EssexTV this afternoon