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Locals MP becomes subject of controversial Twitter hashtag

10 May Locals MP becomes subject of controversial Twitter hashtag

by Simon Phetter

With the upcoming General Election on June the 8th its been a time for candidates across the country to start delivering their key manifesto pledges, in Harlow here in Essex one of the candidates has become the subject of a hashtag on social media suggesting that locals have been blocked when voicing their views.

Harlow MP Robert Halfon who recently launched his re-election campaign with a BREXIT means BREXIT message has been the subject of emerging hashtag #BlockedByHalfon, as hundreds of locals have taken to social networking site twitter to express their dismay at being blocked by the conservative MP.

Twitter user Andy Smith tweeted “I’m because he didn’t like the truth, and had no reasonable reply. Sometimes the truth hurts. Oh well.”

 Whilst another Harlow local Emma tweeted “Look a candidate in Harlow who is open to other points of view. What a change from Halfon! How many of us are ?”

Another user identified only as JD tweeted “I’m too, because I asked him a question. Can’t even remember what it was so it can’t even have been that important”

A tweet by a Pete Dixon dating back to 2015 read “Tories blocking anyone who disagrees with them shows their contempt for democracy and that they are not fit to rule

Essex TV have contacted Mr Halfon for comment.