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Local students go back in time for retro end of year show

02 Jul Local students go back in time for retro end of year show

Media and Digital Technologies students at South Essex College held a fantastic 80s themed end of year event to showcase their work.

The Back to Your Future event was held at the College’s Southend Campus on Wednesday and saw Broadcast Media, TV and Film Production, Animation, Print Media, Music, ICT, and Games Development students come together to display their work.

For the throwback theme, the students transformed the College’s Media Centre into an 80s treasure trove. They built their own Zoltar fortune telling machine from the hit film ‘Big’ and decorated areas of the centre with plenty of neon and retro items. They also constructed part of the fallen Berlin wall to mark significant events from the decade. Music students also entertained visitors by holding their very own ‘Live Aid’ concert.

To make the trip back to the 80s possible, students also built a Flux Capacitor from the classic 80s film Back to the Future. Students and staff also donned 80s themed outfits for the event which was sponsored by and Wickes.