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Local Restaurant Boss Tells Us ‘Economy will Recover’ post-Brexit

22 Feb Local Restaurant Boss Tells Us ‘Economy will Recover’ post-Brexit

The thick cloud of Brexit is slowly flying over the UK with uncertainty of how this historic movement of democracy is likely to change how businesses operate and how profitable they might be in the future. Despite speculation drawn forth in the past few months its certainly been an nerve wrecking experience with market leaders suggesting trade on the single market could be of huge benefits to certain sectors in the business world. 

In Essex this week we visited a local restaurant owner to discuss his thoughts on BREXIT.

Josue Choppy the proprietor of Choppys Restaurant in Ware tells us:

“Brexit for me is simply understanding how the population of our nation, albeit by the slightest margin, chose to seize control of its own destiny, by refusing to be dictated and governed by laws, decided and implemented by the Eurocrats thus limits our ability to govern. From a business standpoint since deciding to opt out, the pounds has taken a hammering, Prices have gone up significantly and this has put enormous pressure on businesses.

Do they pass this on to customers or do they take the hit!! As a business owner it’s been a hard call, for now, I have to bear this cost, but for how long it’s impossible to say. Since Trump has taken over as president and meeting with Theresa May the market has bounced back slightly. 

I believe in the long term the economy will recover as long as we have a great plan to exit and creating a new trade agreement with future partners” he added

The Choppy’s boss echoed his BREXIT comments saying “At Choppys we give our diners a chance to experience some of the countries finest foods, made from natural fresh produce by quality Chef’s. Our excellent food accompanied by our relaxed atmosphere will ensure a good night for all.”

This comes after popular restaurant owner Jamie Oliver blamed BREXIT for the closure of six of his Italian restaurants earlier this year with the company’s Chief Executive Simon Blagden telling a publication “As every restaurant owner knows, this is a tough market and, post-Brexit, the pressures and unknowns have made it even harder.”

A previous report by us last year identified that several areas that would affect businesses are adjusting business contacts, managing your workforce, and intellectual property rights. It’s important to realise though that if the nation does vote in favour of Brexit, changes will not happen immediately. There will be a period of time when the United Kingdom can negotiate its future relationship with the European Union (EU).