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Local MP raises hospital car parking charges in House of Commons

12 Jan Local MP raises hospital car parking charges in House of Commons

The MP for Harlow raised the issue of hospital car parking charges in House of Commons.

Yesterday, on Thursday 11 January 2018, Robert Halfon MP raised the abolition of hospital car parking charges with the Government. Robert, who has been campaigning on this issue for several years, asked the Government for an urgent statement on the fact that, despite Government guidelines, 47 per cent of hospitals have raised their car parking charges since 2014 and almost half still charge blue badge holders to park.

Robert also referred to the Daily Mirror petition demanding the end of crippling hospital car parking charges, which he publicly supported in December.

Robert Halfon said: “I asked the Government to make an urgent statement today on hospital car parking charges because they need to be abolished. No one chooses to go to hospital and it is a difficult time for all involved. Car parking charges at NHS hospitals in England mean that patients, visitors and staff are charged to receive treatment or go to work in our vital public services. I introduced a Bill to Parliament, which will see its Second Reading in March, to put an end to this stealth tax on drivers using the NHS. I will continue to campaign on this issue and raise it with the Government to abolish hospital car parking charges.”