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Local milkshake brand Shaken Udder signs biggest deal yet with easyJet

23 Jul Local milkshake brand Shaken Udder signs biggest deal yet with easyJet

Premium milkshake brand, Shaken Udder, is celebrating a new deal with Europe’s leading airline, easyJet, having developed a brand new product specifically for the travel sector.

Shaken Udder’s new 330ml Chocolush Dreamcap shake will launch on easyJet flights from 19th July. It is the first milkshake ever available on easyJet and will give passengers the opportunity to enjoy a delicious and nutritious drink in the air.

easyJet operates 1,700 flights a day, carrying 260,000 passengers, which is a huge step for the milkshake firm that started life as an event-based brand. “This is a huge and incredibly exciting step for us. It’s the first time we’ve worked with an airline, so this is a real turning point for us as a business,” says Andrew Howie, co-founder of Shaken Udder.

“It really is a fantastic contract for us as now millions of customers who travel with easyJet will be able to choose our milkshakes from the menu. We hope passengers will enjoy Shaken Udder as something different to the usual offering of soft drinks and hot beverages,” continues Howie.

With a sturdy base and resealable cap, the new Chocolush Dreamcap milkshake is the perfect portable drink for the travel sector. “It has been exciting to develop and pitch this new packaging variant. It was important to come up with a stable and resealable design that was functional and robust enough for air travel,” adds Howie.

The Shaken Udder Dreamcap will feature on the easyJet Bistro menu, priced at £2.50 or €3.00. Shaken Udder Chocolush is made from British milk, real Belgian chocolate, has less than 5% added sugar and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.