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Local MC David Johnson debuts ‘Where Are You Now’ remix

01 Aug Local MC David Johnson debuts ‘Where Are You Now’ remix

David Johnson is an Essex based Mc/Rapper. Originally from South East London David started his journey in music as a singer and was never really interested in the world of rap, but after a few years on the singing circuit David found that he had a new found love for rapping. Since becoming a rapper David has written many songs and has lit up stages where ever he goes, armed with a positive message and a great outlook on life he uses his music to inspire people and break down this negative wall that the media has created about young people.

Below is the exclusive first play … ENJOY

David loves performing and he really comes into his own when he is on any stage no matter the crowd you can always grantee that you will have a great time and be inspired. Only 26 years old he has so much to offer and feels like he can bring back positivity to the music industry.