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Local cancer survivor supports ‘Know the Signs’ campaign

08 May Local cancer survivor supports ‘Know the Signs’ campaign

Last week Essex County Council’s Public Health Team teamed up with the medical centre to launch the ‘Know the Signs’ campaign in Jaywick.

The campaign received a boost as a local cancer survivor from Clacton helped launch the campaign which will go a long way towards saving lives.

Jackie, 70 of Legerton Road, Clacton is working with the local team to raise awareness of lung cancer and to show local Jaywick residents that with early detection a cancer diagnosis can have a positive outcome.

In late 2016 Cancer UK released data which showed that the Jaywick area had a considerably higher rate of suspected lung cancer than England as a whole.

The campaign aims to educate local people on the signs and symptoms of lung cancer and encourage them to see their GP if they believe they have any of the key symptoms