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Liam Halewood writes “It’s time to face the music” as he rounds up a week of TV!

01 Sep Liam Halewood writes “It’s time to face the music” as he rounds up a week of TV!

by Liam Halewood

Hey hey you fabulous, one of a kind, people of Essex TV. How are you all?

It’s just me, Liam, your resident sprinkle of reality TV dust here. Thanks for all you support for last weeks column.

Hope you enjoyed the read. So, let’s get to this week and I will start with CBB.

Yes! It was the final and of course we all knew who the winner was right from the get go. And just to clarify, that’s not me saying it was a fix but, let’s face it, Sarah Harding has like millions of fans through Girls Aloud so it was a no brainer. I personally wanted Amelia Lily to win and, had Amelia trashed it up a bit and actually slept with a guy like Sarah did, she may have stood a chance!!!

I was just glad that Jemma Lucy didn’t win. I know of her on the outside and let’s just say, she can be a very demanding, hard to work with diva at the best of times. I’m so glad she didn’t get what she wanted by winning.

Anyway. Moving on from The Jeremy Kyle House! Oooops! Sorry! I mean the Big Brother House. On to my fave programme of the moment, Bodyfixers.

First into the salon was Kayleigh. Now girl, after seeing your transformation from Dr Esho, Daniel and Alex, it’s fair to say you came to the right place. I have never seen a T.V. doctor so knowledgable. Dr Esho, you are like the Harry Potter of doctors!

That treatment you used – especially with it being pain free – was amazing! Also, I need to find out where that painless, chemical peel came from because I want my hands on that. The one thing about this whole story that made me really cry was that Kayleigh was told no more Mc Donald’s double cheese burgers.

OMG. I would be fuming! But after seeing the transformation it will be well worth her keeping that up!!!

Next up was Benny. Camp is my thing but readers! He really knew how to work it. This queen really had the hots for Danny Richo because on close inspection, Alex Henry might not have even been there. That intense eye contact between the client and stylists was nothing short of a red rose and a candle light dinner! Benny sure got what he wanted and that was a good head off Danny. (I mean head of hair guys🙈🙈🙈) Lol. Well done to Benny though. 8 stone lost! Congrats mate.

Now go fly my pretty because you looked incredible with your hair piece and weight loss. Go find your Mr Right.

Actually, I did see James Corden doing a Car Pool Karaoke with Justin Bieber. Oh no! Sorry. It was just Joe who came in to get Justin Biebers hairstyle.

Joe was great, with a fabulous personality. And April? I am with you. I love squeezing big black heads out and I would love your job too. After April using Justin’s, ooops sorry! I mean Joe’s face to bubble wrap, it was time for a cool new hairstyle from the Hottie from Nottie, Danny.

Soon, Joe was good to go and find his new hoe. I am also going to say it was fabulous to see Danny Richo flourish with his amazing personality in this episode. Really came out of his shell.

The story of the lady next into the clinic really hit home for me. Hannah came in and, I’m not going to lie, I knew what her problem was straight away without her saying. Her teeth caused her problems for years. They were bright yellow, wonky and you could tell that the state of them really knocked her confidence.

But, new fixer, Dr Nina – the JLo of the dental world – was about to restore that confidence by a fabulous dental makeover and a make over it was. Along with April,s magic brows and hair and make up by dream team, Mr Granger and Mr Henry, that girl was ready to go to her wedding and marry her hubby and photobomb all her guests. To be honest, I’ve even booked in with Dr Nina to get my own teeth done after this story.

Last but not least into the clinic was Karoline, Miss Candy Floss Hair 2017. It was mad, but I felt for her because, like most mums in this world, they always forget about themselves. Mums, take note from me, Aunty Liam!

You are human beings and most of you in this world do more than enough for your children. So always remember. Take sometime for yourselves.

Anyways. Back to Karoline. This makeover was incredible! Daniel, Daniel, Daniel! That blow dry and new hair colour was fabulous! Then Alex perfected the makeup and this transformation certainly had this yummy mummy back on top.

All in all, this was an amazingly, fabulous episode of amazing transformations done by all Fixers. Tune in and watch for yourself every Thursday, 9.00pm on channel E4.

OMG readers! It’s time to face the music again this weekend because the XFactor starts, (7.00pm Saturday), and I cannot wait to write about the new contestants of 2017.

Also, my gal pal, Charlotte Dawson, starts on Celebs Go Dating next week so that will also get a mention too.

Anyway. Until next time readers, have a great week and happy T.V. watching!

Love and hugs