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Labour’s Phil Waite weighs in on Tories Dementia Tax

05 Jun Labour’s Phil Waite weighs in on Tories Dementia Tax

by Jacqui Tucker

In the run up to the general election, The Conservatives’ social care policy has come under intense scrutiny after it was revealed plans to charge people for their social care after their death, levying a charge on assets over £100,000, including a family home.

The move means with just days to go until the general election tens of thousands of pensioners around Essex don’t know what lies ahead for them, Prime Minister Theresa May announced a cap but failed say how much it would be.

Harlow’s Labour candidate Phil Waite weighed in on the argument on social media network Twitter saying “I doubt May will respond to this – perhaps Robert Halfon will come clean on plans for a Dementia Tax & Winter Fuel means tests.”

Waite added “Since the announcement of the dementia tax I have spoken to a large number of Harlow’s residents who are furious that Theresa May wants to take their homes from them.

“They can’t believe they are expected to trust the Tories with their future without being told before they vote. They tell me that they are voting Labour as they don’t trust Tories to keep their word.”

Harlow conservative candidate Halfon is yet to respond to Waite on the matter.