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LABOUR say that working people will “pay the price” for Liz Truss’ mistakes

30 Oct LABOUR say that working people will “pay the price” for Liz Truss’ mistakes

LABOUR say that working people will “pay the price” for Liz Truss’ mistakes and insist they will present fully-costed plans for how they’ll govern.

Speaking to GB News Breakfast this morning, the party’s MP, James Murray, said: “The damage has been done from the Conservative mini budget a few weeks ago. No one was talking about cuts before September 23rd. This wasn’t on people’s radar before the mini budget was brought in by the previous chancellor and previous Prime Minister. So this is a crisis created in Downing Street and the damage has been done. Working people are now going to be paying the price. Now we still don’t know exactly how much of the mess has been made. We haven’t seen the figures because the Government hasn’t published that. This is a mess. The working people are going to have to pay the price.”

Commenting on the reported back-track Rishi Sunak has made on penalising patients for missing GP appointments, he added: “Rishi Sunak floated this during his leadership campaign over the summer. From what I understand, he actually talked to some doctors and people who work in the health service, and realised that it can’t be implemented and he’s not going to proceed with it. You know, I think he was throwing this around during the leadership campaign in the summer and actually, it sort of says to me, ‘I’m trying to blame patients for the situation’. What we need in the health service is more investment in doctors and nurses and other NHS workers.”

Setting out Labour’s plans on public spending he continued: “We need to spend public money wisely. We’ve set out our plans, we’ve got fully-costed plans there for how we would invest in nurses and midwives and new doctors and so on. So all of that information is there. We think it’s really important when we come forward with legislatures and with promises as to what would happen if we were in Government, that it is fully costed and fully funded and we explain how we would raise the money, so people can trust in promises that we make.”