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JSMV mark their return with hit single Senorita

14 May JSMV mark their return with hit single Senorita

JSMV are back and their most recently released single ‘Senorita’ is picking up traction across the world.

The freshly released song has been streamed across America and the UK and with summer fast approaching, the JSMV lads are hoping for a hot hit!

Jamie Stimpson told us, “There is something about this song that sits well with people. It’s one of the favourites of ours that we’ve made, it has a real good feel factor. Beers, sunshine and easy listening catchy music. What more could you want? Haha!”

Alfie Vee added “We’re working on something new for the very near future. It’s going to sound a little different but it will sit well with what’s current and we’re excited for everyone to hear it.”