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JO LANGLEY writes Colchester needs someone like Will Quince

08 Jun JO LANGLEY writes Colchester needs someone like Will Quince

by Jo Langley \\ Columnist

My fellow brothers and sisters from Colchester, that time has come once again for us to decide our fate and have our voice heard as a town.

As a 27year old student currently at the University of Essex’s Colchester campus in my post graduate studies I have been very intrigued by this snap general election campaign nationally but locally here in Colchester after hearing what all the candidates have to say for themselves it’s become quite obvious to me that Colchester NEEDS a candidate like Will Quince to drive our town forward.

For someone that voted UKIP at the last general election I know that they no more have anything to offer me as a voter but the Conservatives are offering us the opportunity of stable and established leadership to drive the country forward and get our negotiations for BREXIT done in orderly fashion.

One thing I loved about Will was judging him by his record, he consistently voted for a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU and he consistently voted for military action against Daesh (Isis) and I believe as a candidate he has already delivered so much for Colchester in the years he has been at the helm.

Remember there is still time to go out and vote until 10pm tonight, let’s make Colchester even stronger and better by making sure Will Quince gets re-elected to represent us regular hardworking people from the town.

See you all on the other side

Jo x