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Jackie Doyle-Price: There are only two people in this election who can be Prime Minister

14 Nov Jackie Doyle-Price: There are only two people in this election who can be Prime Minister

Launching her Election campaign Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Jackie Doyle-Price has said that this election offers a clear choice.

Ms Doyle-Price said “There are only two people in this election who can be Prime Minister.  They are Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.

This is an election that no one wanted to have.  But it is an election that is necessary as Parliament has simply ground to a halt.  Despite standing on a manifesto commitment to deliver Brexit, Labour have conspired to delay.  Now they want to delay even longer by having another referendum.  I say the public has made its choice.  I believe the public expect their politicians to do what they have been told to.  I believe that failure to deliver is causing uncertainty and is damaging business and jobs.  And I think most people are heartily sick of hearing about Brexit and simply want it done.

So that is Boris Johnson’s promise to you.  Elect a Conservative Government and we will get Brexit done.

There are those who say that Boris’s deal is not Brexit.  That is nonsense.  Boris’s deal secures an orderly transition until a free trade agreement is secured.  A no deal Brexit on WTO terms would see our exporters faced with punitive tariffs until a free trade agreement is secured.  That will cost jobs.

What is clear is that electing a Labour Government will lead to no Brexit.  Labour want to negotiate another deal and then to ask you if you again if you still want to leave.  That will simply cause more uncertainty and damage to our economy.  It will mean there will be no Brexit.  But it will mean much worse.  Labour will spend more than the country can afford and risk our economy and security.  I know there are many Labour voters who are as scared of a Corbyn led Government as I am.

I want to continue to represent the people of Thurrock and to fight for you for the things that we need, for better health services; for more and better school places; for more police; for you to keep more of what you earn and; for the necessary investment to make our borough the best it can be.

So, there is a clear choice on December 12th.  You can vote for me to make sure we get Brexit done and embrace a bright future for Britain.  Or you can vote for someone else and elect a Government led by Jeremy Corbyn.  The future of our country rests heavily on the decision that the people of Thurrock make on polling day.  It is in close fought contests like ours that the colour of the Government is decided.  So, use your vote and use it wisely.”