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J Rock from Big Brovaz talks to Anna Kennedy OBE

24 Feb J Rock from Big Brovaz talks to Anna Kennedy OBE

John-Paul Horsley also known as J Rock met Anna Kennedy OBE over a year ago through social media and then again at an Autism fundraiser held by BMW London.

John Paul is a member of the band Big Brovaz and proud Father to Richard-Michael Kymanni  Horsley and four other children. John-Paul is an advocate for raising Autism Awareness and frequently visits schools and provisions.

Anna and John-Paul got on immediately the moment they met, and are on the same wavelength with so much common ground, Autism Awareness being the greatest.

John Paul will be one of Anna’s guests on her regular update on all things autism on Sky TV’s Chrissy B Show . Anna is a regular contributor raising awareness on the show . Anna and Chrissy ask John Paul about being a father of a child diagnosed with autism and about John Paul’s own recent diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome.

The show will be aired on March 5th at 10pm on Sky 203.