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It’s a YES – Chelmsford BID businesses celebrate positive BID result

25 Nov It’s a YES – Chelmsford BID businesses celebrate positive BID result

Businesses across Chelmsford have voted in favour of renewing their status as a Business Improvement District (BID) – securing £3 million to be spent on continuing to improve the trading environment and represent business interests over the next five years.

This positive result follows several months of planning, in-depth interviews, surveys and a month-long ballot in which hundreds of businesses in the area were asked to vote on the proposals.

71% of votes cast voted in favour of the BID Renewal Ballot by total number of businesses, and 80% of votes cast voted in favour of the BID by Rateable Value.

As a result of the yes vote, the renewal of Chelmsford BID will commence on the 1st April 2023 and businesses with a rateable value of £15,000 or above will pay a levy based upon their rateable value, creating a collective fund of more than £3 million to spend over the next five years.

The plans were spearheaded and driven by the Board of business representatives from across the city, supported by pfbb UK, who develop and deliver Business Improvement Districts across the country.

Speaking about the ‘Yes’ vote, Sue Patel (The Manager of the Meadows Shopping Centre) Chair of the BID, said: “This is fantastic news for Chelmsford and a huge congratulations must go to all the businesses which rallied and joined forces to ensure we secured a yes vote in our renewal ballot. Thanks must go to all those businesses that engaged in the process by sharing their ideas and opinions on how we can work together to improve the area and who, ultimately, voted in favour of the plans to support each other in these challenging and uncertain times”.

“The BID’s business plan, which businesses were being asked to vote on, has been designed to address the issues which came up during the lengthy consultations with many of the businesses in the BID area, from the small independent businesses to large national businesses.”

“The money will now be spent through the three key strategic objectives and their related activities.”

The Chelmsford BID vision is to create ‘‘A vibrant and appealing destination for local people and visitors and a thriving and inspiring location for businesses and residents.”

The new BID’s Business Plan:
Objective 1: – Chelmsford for Discovery
• Position Chelmsford and build its profile as a destination of choice for local residents and visitors
Objective 2: – Chelmsford for Experience
• Build on Chelmsford’s appeal as a vibrant, welcoming and safe place for those who visit, live and work in Chelmsford.
Objective 3: – Chelmsford for Growth
• Work collaboratively and strategically, representing business interests to encourage growth, development and investment of businesses in Chelmsford city centre.

Sue Patel, Chair of the BID, said, “Chelmsford BID will continue to work closely with the Councils, representing the business’s interests and influencing and shaping the key plans for the area. The overall aim is to make sure that the businesses in this area are promoted and supported and that Chelmsford remains relevant in an ever-changing city centre.”