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Introducing Hockley visual artist Brian Parker

17 May Introducing Hockley visual artist Brian Parker

Brian Parker may not as yet be on the lips of the art world but with the build up to a series of events in 2019 culminating in his retrospective exhibition this October in central London, profiling his work as a visual artist, this is set to change and potentially make this truly commercial artist one of the UK’s most exciting breakthrough talents of the year.

 As a scientist and holder of a PhD in Engineering, Brian’s working life has been one that focused on scientific and numerical detail, as is clear in many of his paintings. A chance working encounter with the legendary David Hockney was to act as a catalyst, influencing his desire to finally step out of what many see as the day-to-day rat race and allow him to retire and dedicate his passion to art. Venturing far and wide, Brian turns the everyday scenes he encounters into moments that on canvas will last forever as aesthetic art.

Without doubt, Hockney has influenced artists for decades but few can say they became a student of the great man, over a plate of fish and chips and a visit to a Drag Queen Review Bar, but in Brian’s case this was the truth! This encounter, whilst he was helping to organise a retrospective of Hockney’s work in his home town of Bradford, turned into something of a spiritual awakening that was to stay with him for the next fifty years.

Brian is a contemporary artist with a traditional outlook who aims to create beautiful images of  linear precision with an intensity of colour and proportion,  constructing artworks of true aesthetic pleasure.   An artist  with a unique vision influenced by painters from Schiele to  Hockney and set apart by his desire to be appreciated  first and foremost by his personal satisfaction of form and subject matter, whether that may be his clothes closet or the London tube.

 Carving out a love for this style of intense colour and exacting precision, Brian’s work is of the kind that few can emulate but can now possibly  aim to collect…