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Inspirational author Chris Hill talks his new book & addiction in interview

18 Oct Inspirational author Chris Hill talks his new book & addiction in interview

Q. Tell our readers who is Chris Hill ?

CH: Born in Kings college hospital London in 1972 with my twin brother Rob, Lived in Dulwich South East London. Moved to Sidcup Kent some 2 years later, I was brought up in a middle class family in a nice area with my two brothers and my loving parents. We never really went without my Father was a Architect and my Mum done some waitressing in the evenings. In the late seventies was when our adventures started, back then as youngsters, even at the age of seven we were given a lot of freedom to play outside and venture into our local woods by ourselves. I was always with my twin brother so never felt afraid, but this is when I was introduced to nicotine, there were some older boys smoking in the woods and one of them asked if I wanted to try it, now through curiosity i accepted the challenge and took a long deep drag on that cigarette and breathed the smoke deep down into my lungs, what happened next I will never forget, immediately I could not breath, my young lungs had filled up with poisonous smoke and I was chocking, I dropped to my knees fighting for air telling myself to breath, then slowly my breath started to come back, but with all the other children laughing at me you would have thought I would never smoke again, but on the contrary, I thought I’ll show moult, I’ll show you I can smoke and went of with the determination to learn how to smoke….
This was the beginning of my childhood and would lead onto much more sinister drugs, by the age of 10, I was drinking Alcohol, between the ages 11 & 12, I was using solvents and Marijuana, By 15 & 16, I was using speed and acid and by the time I was 17, I had used ecstasy and cocaine. This cycle of drug abuse was not caused by something hereditary nor did it come from some sort of child abuse, you see I had come from a loving family who never used drugs, it was simply at the age of seven I put a highly addictive drug into my system and started to withdraw from it, from that moment on I had caused a want and need for that drug, an empty insecure feeling the body craving nicotine, my child innocence, was taken from me at that point and addiction had taken over my life, you see people believe it takes years to become addicted to a drug but the truth is you are addicted from the very first hit. What it takes years to do is get the mind and body use to you poisoning it, thats all.
My addicted life went on for 20 years, even up to a point when I was using crack cocaine and heroin, I was never proud of those moments, especially when I grew up watching Grange Hill and seeing the main character strung out on drugs, I always use to think that would never be me, but of course when your on this addiction ladder you are only one step closer to the next drug, this is how someone like me got mixed up with all these different drugs.
Now I always knew there was something fundamentally wrong with what I was doing so I went in search of the answers, I read the books, I went to the addiction clinics and I listened to the experts in the field at the time, but in the end after around 100 attempts to stop I literately self taught myself how to stop using drugs, I opened up dialog with my mind and asked for something different, I questioned every thought feeling and emotion that was coming from my body and asked for something different, and to my surprise a change started to happen, then one by one I got rid of all these addictions I had been suffering with over the last 20 years and I have never looked back.
Now that was 10 years ago but then 2 years ago I lost my twin brother Rob to Alcohol and drugs, he of course had a similar journey to me but alcohol had got the better of him and he ended up in hospital and then went into a rehab for 14 months, when he came out he was much better but slowly he began to slip back again and started drinking, although this is not what killed him, it was actually a night out that we had gone to in East London, he thought he was strong enough to take some ecstasy pills, but unfortunately after years of abusing your body, this time it could not cope, his organs shut down and he died in my arms that evening…………
I knew from this point on what I had to do, I had escaped from addiction but now I’d lost my brother, I had suffered so much pain through addiction and now this loss that I’m now not going to allow this to happen any more, I know there is an answer to this addiction problem and through my book, Public speaking, running help and support groups I plan to make a difference.
Q. From your own experience, what does addiction do to one’s life ?
CH: Addiction destroys lives, it takes away your child innocence, it steals all our emotions and feelings and only gives them back when take the drugs, it becomes our only pleasure in life and its all being driven by our subconscious mind, this is where the problem resides, and this is where we need to go for the answers. We as a society have been looking in all the wrong places for the answers, we blame the people, the drugs, the society, the stress, its always someone else’s fault, when all the time we should have been looking inside ourselves for the answers, this is what I am teaching and this is what will get us out.
Q.Talk us through what Beat My Addiction aims to do ?? the workshops, the programs ?
CH: was created to give people the answer to addiction, it gives the explanation of the subconscious mind and an answer to the problem, All the information is free and a 7 day beat addiction plan is available to download and for anyone to use, I also give regular talks on Facebook live events through Live streaming, teaching addiction as far and wide as I can. I also run physical workshops which are again free for anyone to come along and i teach addiction for a couple of hours helping people not just through drug addiction but also through anxiety stress and depression.
The scale of this problem is so widespread through mental health, addiction, well-being that every single person needs this information to survive, this is what I believe. Its almost like we have had a secret kept from us for hundreds of years keeping us addicted to whatever society has introduced to us. I plan to change all that and give people the tools to get their lives back.
Q. What do you think are the top tips to beating addiction ?
4) Education first, We must educate first before we even think about stopping, this is key otherwise our subconscious mind won’t except the argument we put to it, we must also share our story, what are the reasons for stopping, what benefits are we going to get once we stop, all of this is needed as a case needs to be presented before we decide to stop, its almost like we are tipping the scales in our favour to guarantee success.
We must also be willing to change, it’s no good doing this for someone else, it has to come from you, it must be you that wants to change, only then can change happen.
Also start off with an open mind, don’t let anything you know about addiction interrupt with this process, I always say lets just get you out and then you can come back and revisit the past but for now lets just go for it.
Q. You’ve written a book about getting one’s life back on track, tell us more about this ?
CH: I have written a book called “Get Your Life Back” by Chris Hill, this book is only available on amazon and Kindle.
This book is about my life and my brothers Rob’s life but also weaving through the pages are the answers to addiction, I help give an understanding of what is really going on and I teach the mechanics to life itself, I teach how the subconscious mind controls us through thoughts feelings and emotions and I show how this can be changed, I’m trying to give peoples lives back to them and so those feelings of joy and happiness are returned.
I also want this book to spread right around the world, I want this to be the catalyst for change, I want the world to change the way we see’s and treat addiction, I want to give every single one of us a better way to life, and give back freedom of choice instead of that choice being made for us.
Q. What have you got planned for the future ?
CH:  My plan for the future is to build a business around this, I only do this work in my spare time as I already run a successful car body repair company, I would love to spend my whole time helping people escape from addiction and improve their lives.
The plan really is to share this message through public speaking, Seminars, online training, Radio interviews, television appearances, I’m even thinking about doing a documentary all around this addiction problem. My whole aim is to teach the world there is an answer to this problem and every one of us has the ability to change, whether thats Sugar addiction, Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Nicotine, there is an answer.
Q. Tell our readers how they can get in touch with you ?
CH:  You can get in touch with me through my website,, or follow me on, or you can email me on, I’m also looking for influential people who are able to help me spread this message right around the world, addiction affects every single one of us in one form or another, or at the very least we know someone who is suffering with some sort of addiction or anxiety or depression, we have got to a point in our history where man has created all these afflictions and its now time to make a stand, its time to make a change and i thank everyone for their support.