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Inside Hot Money Studios – TOWIE’s Jessica Wright

28 Mar Inside Hot Money Studios – TOWIE’s Jessica Wright

TOWIE many not be the first brand that springs to mind when thinking about the creative hub powering so much of the UK’s urban music scene but back in 2011 Hot Money Studios played host to Jessica Wright from TOWIE when she formed her own girl band.

Her management was looking to capitalize on the early success of TOWIE and decided that forming a girl band that Jessica to front was the way forward.

From Essex to Bermondsey
Patrick – “TOWIE wasn’t really on my radar back in 2011, I think it had only been on for one season at that point. I received a call from Jess’s management team who wanted Jess to front a Spice Girls type girl band that would go on to conquer the world! At that point they just had a band so needed Hot Money Studios for songwriting and music production.

When you take on a project like this you’re never sure what to expect from the artists coming through the door. If they’ve got no track record in the music industry it’s impossible to know how they will react in the studio or what their attitude towards the project is. I always say that if someone comes into the studio with the right attitude then I’ll get him or her to where they need to be.

The girls hit the studio with a fantastic attitude and rose to every challenge we set them, whatever we threw at them they embraced and ran with it.

In the end we created a great tongue in cheek dance floor number that was incredibly catchy and had huge potential.

Unfortunately as with so many of these projects the single was never released as the band lineup changed several times but I enjoyed every minute of working with the girls and to have been part of bringing a little bit of Essex to Bermondsey!”