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Inside The Groundbreaking Developmental Dance Movement

29 Mar Inside The Groundbreaking Developmental Dance Movement

As part of this week’s World Autism Awareness Week that will change lives. We have highlighted various organisations and causes that raise money and awareness so that as many people as possible learn about autism.

Meet Alison Golding, founder and Creative Director of MovementWorks whose groundbreaking educational research is having a “real world impact” according to the Royal Society of Arts.

Ali has developed an educational dance-movement programme that is underpinned by academic research and is making a real difference to children’s ability to focus and learn.

Ali Golding explains, “Developmental Dance Movement™ is an early years intervention, delivered to a
whole class group making a major impact in mainstream and special education schools.

“Movement and physical difficulties are often early indicators of developmental disorder, as they mirror
the neurological organisation of the brain.

“This simple, effective and inexpensive method is a genuine model of inclusive education that improves physical and cognitive development, communication skills, develops social interaction in a fun and
engaging way made relevant to the curriculum.”

And her words are echoed by Danielle Sultana, Class Teacher Brent Knoll – ASD School. “The children really respond and get something from it. I’ve noticed the children’s increased focus in activities and when other teachers and adults are speaking to them. They used to be walking round in the classroom not really
focused or engaged. Now through MovementWorks’ structured routine activities we’re seeing progress in the children.”

“Autism Awareness week is an exciting time to be highlighting MovementWorks methods as we continue to research the benefits of our work for children with learning difficulties, this time as an all-through school approach which includes The Autism Movement Therapy® Method for older children further up the school.

We are partnered with Greenwich University who are leading a study on the impact for children with ASD.”