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Inside Catch: The new app that will revolutionise fishing in Essex

27 Aug Inside Catch: The new app that will revolutionise fishing in Essex

Catch, set to launch on 31st August is a new app that will revolutionise the fishing industry and how anglers enjoy it. It plans to shake up an out-of-date way of booking fishing experiences, by making them accessible to all at the touch of a button.

Everyone from the novice to pro, will be given the ability to connect, interact, learn, and book fishing experiences at the tap of a screen. If you’ve ever thought about trying fishing but been completely boggled by the minefield of information, Catch is here to help. The platform will help you to choose the correct equipment, find your nearest tackle shop with a huge information database, accessible directly from within the app – you’ll be netting your first capture in no time at all.

Fishing is perhaps the most inclusive sport available to all and can be enjoyed by all ages, genders and backgrounds – we’ve all had that friend or family member that talks non-stop about going down to the pier or lake for their next adventure.

If the last 18 months has taught us anything it’s that a day spent in the great outdoors can free the soul and sharpen the mind, and Catch has made this a reality for everyone by creating a platform for fishing that is as easy to use as Airbnb. Instead of grappling with the ever changing travel restrictions while booking your Parisian rooftop apartment on the Champs-Élysées, you can now book a 5-star lodge in the grounds of the most glorious private English lakeside retreat you’ve ever set eyes on.

With travel restrictions changing on a seemingly daily basis, there has never been a better time to book a fishing staycation to provide fun for all the family – dads, lads, mums & daughters can all get involved and make some truly special memories together. Catch is not just for the seasoned veteran either: even if you are a complete fishing novice, the Catch platform offers you all the information, resources and accessibility to get you out and enjoy the glorious British sunshine in no time at all with the whole family.

Recreational fishing has seen a huge resurgence in the last 18 months, with rod license sales through the roof and a booming trade within day ticket fisheries (basically like a cinema but for fishing – anyone can go at any time, no membership required). This has, in turn, created such a huge demand for space on the bank that regular anglers who have fished every weekend for years are suddenly finding themselves being turned away from their favourite venues, and this is down to sheer weight of numbers in an industry that has historically been stuck in a first-come, first-served culture.

Download the Catch app and create a free account now to start enjoying the benefits that fishing can bring to you.