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Industries living in the future

21 Aug Industries living in the future

Some of the most significant gaps in two different lives/environments/cultures were created by technology. It’s interesting how well someone can use it, while how bad others do. The same thing happening in the business world. It’s something phenomenal how much a business can grow by implementing some new technologies. And today one of the most redefining technology is the Virtual and Augmented Realities. Since today only a few companies have implemented this technology in their workflow, the others barely heard of them.

What is Virtual reality?

Virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and mixed (MR) reality products have continued to receive high levels of attention starting the 2010 decade. The first of its kind was the google glass explorer. The device captured the imagination of many people, and it was the first gadget to offer augmented reality, but it was still far from the VR headset that we know today. So it was no surprise that the interest wasn’t as expected and the product did not take off. But it was a pioneer for other products that have been developed later.

Later in the decade, there were the first VR and AR products that were the first generation headsets that we use today. Back then, it was the most futuristic thing that came out for the consumers and got a huge hype. The first ones to get a big success were the Magic Leap and the Oculus, which was very special in his kind, because it was the first headset which didn’t have to connect to a computer.

How does it work?

A VR headset is one of the most sophisticated devices that you can get today. It both has to have a great response to your movement and to show you precise graphics. Otherwise, your user experience won’t be the best. A device like this is made up of many components like optics, displays, sensors and haptics.

Every component has fit and works together seamlessly to create a perfect virtual reality for you. Maybe the optics are the most crucial part in a headset because the optical parts have to transmit the image from the display to the user’s eye. But there are way more different requirements which must be fulfilled in such a device.

Industries using VR

In this technology, there is a huge opportunity, and there were some companies to see this. Therefore numerous businesses and industries started to brainstorm about how they can apply this technology in their services. Now there is a broad range of use cases and industries using virtual and augmented realities. A technology like this can be used in many places during a workflow like manufacturing, remote assistance, education, and training, to name a few. And later on in this article, we will discuss the most used ones.


In the past years, VR gaming is evolving both in quantity, and it’s quality as well. Just to mention a few, they have released the VR versions of the games: Half-Life: Alyx, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted, Onward, Iron man VR, Batman: Arkham VR and the list goes on. And there are also rumours for new games as well.

We can’t cover every new VR game, but the impact of the VR technology on the gaming industry is something huge. More and more tech companies are releasing their own VR headsets, with different specs and handles. So getting a VR headset is not just more available but can be more suitable for every user.

And yes, Playing VR video games are exciting experiences and it’s probably one of the best VR experiences you can get, but there are other options within the gaming category. And one of them is the VR casino where you can try out various games. The time where you plate roulette, poker or slots on your browser are good. But now there is an even better option for you. There are lots of newly developed VR slots and other games that can take your online casino playing experience to a whole new level.

And by that, I mean that you have limitless options. Besides the obvious perks of being virtually placed in a virtual environment, there are more exciting features. If you want to keep your poker playing severe and realistic as possible, you can go with realistic-looking VR casino games. But you also have the option to choose a poker game with an alien dealer or a blackjack game in which the croupier is an animal. Likewise, instead of playing against real players, you can choose to play against your favourite Star Wars space troopers, or why not even Batman. The limit is the sky.

Real estate

And now back to some more severe industries. In the past, estate agents used to take hours of your time, to go rounds in a car without AC, just to show you a house that you rejected in 5 minutes. Well, that time is over.

Virtual Reality has found its purpose in the real estate business as well. With the help of VR and AR, you can now check houses in greater detail than the traditional photos on a website while you’re in the comfort of your home. So you can buy homes in Spain while you’re in London drinking your morning coffee. It makes all the process like an online shopping procedure.

Aerospace and Defence

Engineers and designers from the aerospace and defence industry have also seen a significant potential in virtual reality. The potential for VR preparing applications has for some time been perceived by the aviation and guard industry. This way, soldiers can train different operations without having to manipulate any hard material. VR test systems can put military learners in the vulnerability and stress-creating circumstances they should go up against in tasks. But this isn’t something entirely new. Military and regular citizen pilots have been prepared in test systems since the 1950s. But the systems have become way more dangerous now.

The advances in VR innovations in the previous 20 years have been taken advantage of by test system producers, who are growing progressively expound answers for aviation based armed forces, land, and maritime soldiers. The Defense Intelligence Agency utilises VR language preparing to put their representatives in “high hazard” situations to rehearse their language abilities.