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How Has Essex Become One of the Best Commuter Alternatives for London Workers?

29 Oct How Has Essex Become One of the Best Commuter Alternatives for London Workers?

Whether you’re new to London and are barely able to get a grasp on this magnificent beast of a city or you’ve been familiar with it for quite some time, but want to spend your nights elsewhere, know there’s an abundance of commuter towns just outside of the city. In past years, Essex’s booming economy and steady influx of commuters have made it one of the best regions to live in and commute to London from. Below we’ll look at a few reasons why Essex needs to be on your list, should you decide you want to leave the hustle and bustle behind just after work:

1. Property Prices Are More Affordable

If you’re looking to buy property, you’ve probably already scoured London for affordable prices and found that your chances are slim to none. While a detached house in this ever-expanding city will put a dent in your wallet of about £800,000 – £900,000, you’ll find that buying a home at around £300,000 – £400,000 in Essex is something you can easily achieve. Take for example the cheaper commuter towns, such as Colchester and Hatfield Peverel, or browse some of the more expensive towns out there, such as Billericay or Brentwood, where average prices can range from £500,000 – £700,000. Of course you can always splurge on stunning properties that will leave you breathless with their ample footage and gorgeous layouts, if you can spare somewhere around £1-2 m.

2. Essex Rental Homes Can Offer More Value

There was once a wave of twenty- and thirty somethings that used to flock out of London in search of a permanent nest to settle down in. However, this trend has shifted, bringing forth a new similarly aged demographic that are looking to rent outside of London. Rental prices in the city have surged to such a point that it pays off to rent in Essex, for example, where you get more space for the same amount of money – sometimes even including the commute fees. Having said this, rental prices in Essex may have gone up in recent years, but they will still offer more value than the rental spaces you can find in London.

3. Essex Offers a Great Climate to Raise a Family In

Apart from the picturesque settings that most Essex commuter towns have to offer, those looking to put down roots will find these towns also offer amazing schooling options. Chelmsford is one of the most popular options for families, since it is home to proper state schooling establishments. Another suitable and popular option among families is Ingatestone, one of the more expensive commuter towns, that offers great schooling possibilities and is already abuzz with a great number of children with parents commuting to London. Other than this, these towns are nothing like the hustle and bustle of vibrant London, offering a peaceful and green environment to raise a family in.

4. Essex Quietness Creates Personal Growth Opportunities

Disregarding the financial aspects that are number one motivators among those looking to move out of London, many people are also actively looking for a quieter and healthier lifestyle. Thankfully, Essex can easily provide this to anyone seeking to live surrounded by less concrete and more green. There are many interested in expanding their knowledge and skill set outside of work and Essex towns offer the perfect environment to do just so. You have just enough time and peace of mind to pursue your passions, read more or even to finally apply to those AAT courses online you’ve always had your mind set on.

5. The Commuting Time Is More Than Decent

London is such an all-encompassing metropolis, that getting from one place within the city to another can easily take anywhere between half an hour and an hour, while still being considered the norm. This is where the beauty of commuting to Essex comes in. There are so many towns only 30-40 minutes away from London, if you take one of the usual peak time trains, that it’s impossible not to find your right fit. Bilericay and Ingatestone are only 31 minutes away from Liverpool Street, while Chelmsford and Brentwood will leave you with another 5-10 extra minutes to finish your favorite book. So prepare your reading list and dust off your Kindle, you may just have enough time to brush up on all your favorite authors.

As you can see, there are at least five good reasons why Essex has turned into one of the most up-and-coming areas for London commuters. So if you’re planning on bidding farewell to London, at least after your work day is done, jot down all your priorities and needs, and you’ll soon come to see what Essex town is the right fit for you.