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How can we watch gaming on TV?

25 Jan How can we watch gaming on TV?

Gaming is a huge sector within entertainment and one that has been popular in the UK for a long time. This is naturally true for video gaming, but the last few decades have also seen other niches make their mark. While mobile gaming and eSports are worth mentioning, online casino gaming has also taken off. 

This is in large part down to the convenience it offers and also the large number of safe internet casinos where you can game. When you also consider new casino offers for players, it is easy to see why this type of gaming has become so well-loved. If you need more information on the best casino bonuses and top casinos to game at, CasinoUK is worth checking out. This website is trusted by many gaming fans in the UK and gives independent advice on the best bonuses around.

It is not just playing games which people like to do now though – many also like to watch them in their free time via platforms like Twitch on their PC or laptop. But what if you prefer to watch gaming on TV? The good news is that gaming is seeing increased TV exposure, and this makes it easier for fans to access. 

But how can you catch TV coverage of gaming? 

Keep an eye out for eSports events on television 

There is no doubting how popular eSports have become over the last few years. This is a niche with a global market size of over $1bn that is catching on in many countries, the UK included. It is also a gaming niche which is starting to gain TV exposure, as some eSports events are televised now on networks such as BBC, ESPN and Sky. 

Look out for gaming-based shows 

It is not just eSports getting some exposure on TV. There are shows out there which cover gaming in general and video gaming in particular. These are worth keeping an eye out for and allow gamers to find out about the latest releases or news from their television. ‘Gamesmaster’ is a great example and returned in 2021 on E4 for a brand-new series. 

Smart TVs are a good option 

These sets essentially do all a normal TV can but also allow you to access the internet on them as well. This is great news for watching gaming on TV because it means smart televisions offer support for YouTube and Twitch apps. This, in turn, makes catching up with the latest action very simple. 

Watching gaming on TV is getting easier 

We all like to settle down to watch a good TV show – whether that is Girly Night episode 7 or Stagey Live. Many of us, however, also like to use our TVs to watch gaming. As the above shows, there are a few different options now when it comes to doing this – not only in terms of how but also where. If you are a big UK gaming fan but like to catch the latest action via TV, then any of the options we have listed are useful.