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Holly Henderson: Islam is not a race &  Sharia is not a race !

28 Jan Holly Henderson: Islam is not a race &  Sharia is not a race !

By Holly Henderson

Islam took over every country it now dominates by force (the religion of peace) in the western world they’re using our systems, our laws to infiltrate from within, hence this Islamaphobia word being thrown about by Muslims and leftiests, and not being able to speak out in fear of reprisals, because our governments and law enforcement are too afraid of being labelled racists. Islam is not a race, sharia is not a race, Muslim is not a race.

They want islam/sharia to dominate the world, and you dont need to take my word for it as many muslims during interviews have said this is their plan, they hold placards with big bold writing “sharia will dominate the world” but im guessing due to the severe side effect of becoming blind through libralism i will be told im telling lies, or better still i am seeing lies.

Just because there are muslims in the western parts of the world who do not follow the Quran, and many who have never even read it, it doesnt mean the agenda of most is to take away our laws, our rights and suffocate us with their barbaric oppressive sharia law. Take a look at the history of the now islamic ruled countries, they were Hindi, Christian & Buddhist etc,

911 seems to be one of the biggest atrocities to mark a critical point in history from when all muslim assosciated attacks and issues started coming to our attention, why is that? Well it is simply because so many of us were blind to it all. Muslims have emigrated to infidel countries across the world with one aim, to take over. They don’t even hide it either, with many screaming for the caliphate.

Their aim is to manipulate our systems, making it more and more difficult to question islam or to stand up to it, our politicians are even too afraid to speak up. muslims have been working hard to put the pressure on to change our law systems, having lots of children (outbreeding none muslims) giving money to organisations that sue people for criticising islam, going to schools to preach their ideology, knowing full well nobody is going to stop them for fear of being labelled racist bigots!

Huge housing estates in the uk are now almost totally muslim populated, schools shops, mosques etc, and this is because they refuse to intigrate.

This is however not why all muslims have come to this county.

Yes of course there are alot of muslim families that dont live like this and enjoy living in the uk amongst none muslims, these arent the people anyone needs to worry about. Refusing to intigrate allows muslims to domiate areas, which are always expanding due to muslim men being allowed more than one wife, and multiple children with each woman. Its been a gradual process right under our noses, but only now are people beginning to waking up.

This brings me to the lunatic lefties, they hate inaquality, they hate racism, they hate homophobia, and they hate violance “Love trumps hate” as we have all seen on the news in the US, them waving their boards about whilst throwing bricks through shop and car windows, and marching the streets under Linda Sarsour a muslim woman with ties to hammas. As we all know islam has a strict killing policy for gays, but that must be all good with the leftists, they wouldnt want to act bigoted now would they.

The leftists are not loved by muslims for their unwillingness to see how oppressive islam is towards woman, they’re mere tools to be used in their conquest. The left must learn, and fast, that they too are still infidels, and infidels/none believers are not held in high regard within the islamic community, in fact the quran tells muslims to kill none believers, and apostates (ex muslims) for that matter.

Linda Sarsour didn’t march for woman, she marched for her ideology like a good Muslim is told, to have people believe that they’re doing good. When in fact she is using these stupid brain washed woman (and male leftists) to assist her in the sharia takeover.

If Linda was for woman, why would she want a law enforced that oppresses and violently punishes woman for ‘misbehaving’ ? And by misbehaving i mean refusing to marry a middle aged man when they’re mere teenagers, or being raped.

She is a tyrant, a snake in the grass, and thankfully there are many woman & men like myself that see straight through it (not that it’s hard, you only have to study Islam to see what’s really going on here) and will fight back against her war on our human rights.

She is not an American, she is an infiltrating Islamist, like alot of them mascarading amongst us while they work hard to change western ways values and laws to islamic ones. Linda doesnt even try to hide it, she actively campaings on social media about the benefits of sharia law, loans and credit cards will all be wiped of any interest she preaches, but she leaves out the bit about the same thing applying to our human rights. She complains sharia is not practised in all the countries she wants it to be, with no regard for the already standing laws of the land founded by true western governing bodies.

America is the home of the free, and there would be nothing free about living under Islamic law.

Sharia law has no place in the UK, i for one will never bow to it, but if people dont start to wake up and join those of us that are fighting for our countries and our western civilization, we have a very scary future ahead of.

Never forget, it took only 19 Muslims to bring New York City to its knees, killing 3000 people and attacking the pentagon In one day!