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Harlow town’s skyline lights up as fireworks return to the park

08 Nov Harlow town’s skyline lights up as fireworks return to the park

Thousands of Harlow residents returned to the Town Park to enjoy the annual bonfire and fireworks night event once again.

The council organised event was back this year following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and was attended by over 20,000 people.

Last night kicked off with the lighting of the bonfire by the Chair of Harlow Council, Councillor Clive Souter, followed by a fireworks display at 7pm.

It has been great to see that many residents have been sharing their memories of the night on social media and tagging in the council too.

Councillor Joel Charles, Deputy Leader of Harlow Council, said: ”It was great that fireworks night returned to the Town Park. The attendance numbers exceeded expectations and it was good to see so many happy faces outdoors enjoying the night’s celebrations. Organised public displays like this mean that friends and families are able to celebrate the occasion together. Fireworks night was able to return this year due to restrictions being lifted and the feedback so far from residents who attended has been positive. The council prides itself on running an event that is able to be enjoyed by thousands of people.
“Successful events like this don’t happen without the hard work and commitment of council staff, stewards, volunteers, the Great Parndon Community Association and Harlow Police. Additional measures were put in place by the team organising the event to reduce people bunching up as a response to public health concerns.
“I just want to say a big thank you to everyone involved for all their efforts and for putting together a great event for residents to enjoy in the Town Park.”