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Harlow GE2017 candidates go all out in local debate

19 May Harlow GE2017 candidates go all out in local debate

The gloves came off in Harlow as the general election parliamentary candidates debated in public in front of eager and passionate constituents.

Green Party candidate Hannah Clare, UKIP’s representative Mark Gough, The Liberal Democrat candidate Geoff Seeff, Labour candidate Phil Waite and Conservative candidate Robert Halfon all attended St Paul’s Church in Harlow last night for the hustings event.

The candidates debated and discussed local issues such as housing, the requirement of a new hospital in Harlow, education, Brexit and immigration.

The event was moderated by Robert Findley of Heart 4 Harlow who told us “I was pleased with the attendance, I liked the fact that the candidates all got to to get their points across”

Let’s face it, even the attendees made some valid points.”

Conservative Mr Halfon speaking at the hustings said “We are investing a lot to make sure our young people will be able to climb the ladder”

Labour’s Mr Waite also addressed the education situation saying “We should have an educational system which is equal for all, Labour will deliver on this”

Many locals spoke to us following the event, Ian Beckett told us “as we move forward we need to listen to younger political activists – we need to be willing to go on a journey with them for the benefit of this town”

A local resident gets his point across during the debate

A local activist Jo O’Reilly added “It was a busy church hall, it was good to see the passion in the audience, these debates need people who want to get involved in democracy”

Another young attendee Jake Shepherd told us “I admire all the candidates for putting themselves forward and explaining what their party would do, candidates need to put themselves out more”

The snap general election called by Prime Minister Theresa May will be on the 8th of June.