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Harlow Brexit Party hosts Call to Action Meeting

12 Sep Harlow Brexit Party hosts Call to Action Meeting

The first meeting of the Harlow Brexit Party was held at the Moot House, Harlow on Wednesday evening.

Neil Greaves, the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow told us: “I am absolutely delighted with the response, the hall was packed. Everyone was very engaged and keen to start campaigning as soon as possible”

Mr Greaves outlined some of the party’s new policies:” Our central policy is a clean break Brexit. But we have announced several pragmatic policies. We will be scrapping HS2, saving £100bn. Will get rid of the interest on all student loans. We will scrap the despised Inheritance tax and abolish business rates outside the M25. We will half the Foreign Aid Budget, saving £7bn a year. We are also going to reform the unelected house of Lords and clean up the postal voting system.”

Concerns were also raised at the meeting over the lack of council houses and the social issues surrounding Terminus House. Mr Greaves added: “The Local Housing Allowance has not risen in line with rising private rents. London Councils cannot afford the rents in their own boroughs, so they are sending hundreds of vulnerable and troubled people to Harlow. The permitted development legalisation has been implemented under a Tory government. The Local Housing Allowance has been implemented under a Tory government. Robert Halfon is standing on a Tory ticket. Therefore, he is not solving the problem, he is part of the problem.”