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GREG COX: What £50million drugs find tells us about our law enforcement

11 Feb GREG COX: What £50million drugs find tells us about our law enforcement

By Greg Cox

When news broke of £50million worth of cocaine washing up on shore in Norfolk it sent half the British social media users who saw the funny side of this with most users mocking the loss of the drug kingpin behind the operation and others mocking those that found the stash and called in the cops instead of keeping it for themselves but actually what people failed to realise is that this ‘very significant’ loss to the drug world also tells us something about our law enforcement in the UK, they haven’t got a bloody clue and have to wait for a lucky day such as this.

One user joked it was like a ‘modern day ‘Whisky Galore’ – the 1949 film about a ship carrying 50,000 bottles of whisky which runs aground in a storm off a remote Scottish island.

Another suggested that the town should change its name to ‘Absolutely f****** BRILLIANT Yarmouth’.

Now here is my take on the whole situation, why don’t you get up of your asses you lazy, fat and stupid police officers and the so called National Crime Agency, you would think the ‘C’ in that stands for Chicken or Cake. All we get in terms of news of criminals being put away or huge illegal proceed findings these days is stories were the police or law enforcement ‘got lucky’, there’s NO investigations, undercover policing just seems to be non-existent and actually now the police are now encouraging you to report crime online to stop the big crowds at police stations meaning you might never even get to see a police officer.

What really got me was a spokesperson from the Crime Agency telling reporters “We are now working with Border Force, the Coastguard Agency and Norfolk Police to try and establish how the bags ended up where they did, however it is extremely unlikely that this was their intended destination.”

HANG ON, Why on earth are you trying to establish how the bags ended up there, if you’re protective our borders and the residents of this country you should have already been aware of this, now you’re back to playing catchup !!

Ohh well Britain, very soon we will be free from the EU … It will be interesting to see what that will mean for crime rates and controlling our borders.