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Government grants Thurrock MP’s request to fund Lakeside sliproad

04 Oct Government grants Thurrock MP’s request to fund Lakeside sliproad

The Government has granted Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price‘s request to fund the Lakeside sliproad.

At the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announced new investment in the A13 at Lakeside with confirmation that the Government will fund east facing sliproad.

The announcement follows the Government’s establishment of the Major road network investment strategy. This scheme for allows bids for improvements to important local A roads which are battling congestion. The A13/A126 scheme is one of five that are being taken forward. 


Jackie said, “This is great news. The absence of east facing slips at Lakeside is a cause of congestion which causes so much misery for motorists in Thurrock. I am so grateful that the Government has again responded to my request for further improvements to the A13. This follows the investment at Junction 30 and the widening at the east of the borough.

She added “It is the case though that the A13 is a major strategic artery and it is important that investment is made in capacity in order that the traffic keeps moving – both on our local roads as well as on the major roads. It shows again the commitment of this Government to investing in Thurrock.”