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Gary Lineker teams up with lead stylist to preview the top male fashion trends of 2022

26 Jan Gary Lineker teams up with lead stylist to preview the top male fashion trends of 2022

Gary Lineker launches latest eyewear line at stylised photoshoot with looks inspired by the upcoming Spring Summer 2022 men’s fashion trends.

The UK’s favourite pundit was put through his paces as he shook off his 18-month style rut and dawned a series of five new outfits tailored around SS22 runway shows to launch the latest eyewear collection from Vision Express.

Joe Ottaway, one of Europe’s leading fashion stylists and image consultants, worked alongside Gary to create and style the five new looks, showcasing Gary in a way never seen before.

The latest project comes as a massive 80% of men in London, in a recent survey, admitted to being in a style rut as a result of the pandemic. As the world became accustomed to isolating and limited social interactions, 44% of London’s men ditched their shirts and jeans for more casual and comfy loungewear, exclusively sticking to hoodies and tracksuit bottoms throughout the pandemic.

Now, as things have returned to some sort of normality, endless lockdowns have had a knock-on effect of with over a third 74% saying they are now lacking or have lost complete confidence in their fashion sense.

Vision Express is encouraging British men to explore new styles and trends with their choice of glasses. This comes as 57% have said that they continue to buy the same or similar pair of eyewear when they need a new pair.

With 63% of men surveyed saying they would consider buying eyewear to help elevate their outfit, Vision Express and Gary Lineker have teamed up to help create a new line of eyewear that is both stylish and functional.

Furthermore, 80% of the nation’s men feel that they dressed better before the introduction of working from home and lockdowns.

As Gary Lineker too has felt the effects of lockdown fatigue on his wardrobe, working with Joe Ottaway and Vision Express, he is now motivated and inspired to shake things up.

In a pool of 2,000 men across the UK aged between 18-65+, 61% saying it makes them feel great when somebody compliments their style.

Unsurprisingly, 89% of men in London admitted that they wear same outfits all the time with 79% saying they would love to up their fashion game and try new looks however they are unsure where to start.

The rise of online retailers, and increased access to new fashion websites and trends has resulted in 75% of men feeling overwhelmed when shopping online. This statistic is not helped by 66% also saying that they do not feel comfortable asking a shop assistant for fashion or eyewear advice IRL.

Gary Lineker said: “I do try to dress well day to day however, after lockdown, I am definitely guilty of getting a bit more casual with my style. I would never look to the runway for fashion tips, so this was a big leap from my comfort zone. It was a great chance to work with a leading stylist, in Joe, who was able to help me break down the upcoming trends and show me how it could be incorporated into my wardrobe, with my eyewear as a key accessory to each outfit… I’ve got no excuses now!”

Joe Ottaway said: “The right pair of sunglasses, bifocals or even just stylish frames can elevate any outfit. I was surprised to see so many men confess to being in a style rut and unsure of how to shake it. High fashion looks are more achievable than you would think with the right accessories. Magazines, social media or even window shopping along the high street are all great ways to find new inspiration for your style.”

Jane Exon, Marketing Director for Vision Express said: “We’re absolutely delighted to have Gary Lineker on board as our new Brand Ambassador for 2022. One of the nation’s most loved sports stars, TV personalities and glasses wearer. We wanted to work with Gary to show the nation that stylish eyewear can help jazz up any outfit and act as a big confident booster for those trying to shake up their wardrobe.”

The new Vision Express eyewear collection launches nationwide on 26th January 2022 and is available from all UK stores.