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Game Changers in 21st Century Social Care

03 May Game Changers in 21st Century Social Care

Care England, the largest representative body for independent care providers, has launched Game Changers in 21st Century Social Care. This booklet containing pithy quotes on the future of social care from prominent leaders in the sector is the precursor to Care England’s Manifesto.

Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England said:

“If we are going to meet the challenges of the 21st century, we have to get social care right and this will require some clear political leadership. We need citizens to know what they should expect from the system, and what the system will expect them to contribute to receive high quality personalised care. There is a need for a national approach, which is not left to the vagaries of a postcode lottery and is integrated with every aspect of our lives.


“Citizens of the 21st century want to have good lives, and the services that support them should be flexible and almost invisible to the consumer. The health and care system needs to stop its obsession with structures and focus on outcomes. 21st century health and social care should be part of a seamless amalgam of policy and services that support people to live dignified and autonomous lives. Social care services are vital to citizens and important to our economy, and they should be seen as a national priority”. 


Game Changers in 21st Century Social Care was launched at the Care Home Parliamentary Reception in the House of Lords hosted by Baroness Greengross, herself a contributor to the booklet. It contains quotes from Sir David Behan, David Brindle, Harry Cayton CBE, Stephen Dorrell, Jeremy Hughes, Rt Hon Norman Lamb, Rt Hon Alan Milburn, Janet Morrison, Angela Rippon and Carolyn Baker-Mellor.

You can access Game Changers in 21st Century Social Care